Above Bed Stacking (ABS)

Dual Lane Capable

Above Bed Stacking System

The Above Bed Stacking (ABS) System receives stamped laminations above the press bed through a modified bolster and presents them to the operator on the side of the press.

A short stack of laminations is accumulated in an escapement integrated within a modified bolster just below the die. The laminations are released onto a mandrel which rises to penetrate the escapement. As the escapement continues to accumulate laminations, the mandrel lowers, carrying the short stack of laminations down to a small pallet also located within the modified bolster. The pallet shuttles the short stack of laminations through the side of the modified bolster and presents the laminations to a pick and place device. The pick and place device stacks the short stacks of laminations to taller stacks based on the programmed stack height. The final stack is conveyed to a staging area where the process may continue with manual or automated processes.