Above Bed Stacking

By April 17, 2018Stacking Systems


Above Bed Stacking

Above Bed Stacking System

The ABS system is designed to transfer parts from inside a press to stations outside the press for continued manual or automated processing. The innovative quick change tooling offered with this system effectively reduces setup time increasing efficiency and productivity. A rapid exit concept provides real time quality assurance to reduce costly scrap issues seen with traditional chute designs.

In contrast to a system processing parts below the press, the ABS System functions completely above the press bed. Mandrels located within modified bolster plates operate in conjunction with escapements controlling parts through the accumulation zone allowing uninterrupted operation of the press. As parts are accumulated to a desired stack height, an escapement is activated to contain parts as the mandrel lowers to deliver the stack to a transfer pallet. When the pallet has received the stack and exits the accumulation zone, the mandrel raises back into the load position. The escapement then releases the contained parts and the mandrel remains in position accumulating additional parts until the next stack height is complete.

The transfer pallet cycles to deliver stacks to a pick position located outside the modified bolster plates. Here, a pick-n-place unit captures the stack and lifts it from the transfer pallet. When the stack has cleared, the transfer pallet returns to the load position under the internal mandrel.

The pick-n-place unit utilizes a two axis move to transport the stacks to an external mandrel located in line with the pallet transfer. When the stacks have been captured, the device raises, traverses to the external mandrel, lowers to a drop position, and releases the stacks. The device reverses its path to stand ready to acquire additional stacks.

The external mandrel, designed to accumulate rapid exit stacks into a desired final stack height, is positioned for manual stack removal by an operator or an optional Machine Concepts robotic palletizing system. The external mandrel may be equipped with an optional device to provide indexed stacking which will rotate the mandrel between transfers to reduce potential skewing.

The optional Machine Concepts robotic palletizing system may be implemented to increase the flexibility to offer a hands free coil to container system. The robot, fitted with end effecters designed to manipulate the product through the palletizing process, is positioned to service the entire adjustment zone of the ABS System and deliver stacks to all load positions of the containers. The containers will be conveyed and precisely centered to allow automated loading of part stacks.

The ABS System will retrofit to most presses, both new and used; however, the standard system is designed to mount to standard Minster Machine press designs. The bolsters shall be designed and produced by others with concept sharing provided by Machine Concepts.