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Slitters Rebuild & Upgrade After


By | Rebuilds and Upgrades

Machine Concepts rebuilds many different brands and models of Slitters besides our own, to meet our customer’s needs. We specialize in high precision slitters that run at very high speeds and slit the thinnest of material, and we also rebuild heavy gauge Slitters of all types.

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Terminal Equipment

Terminal Equipment

By | Coil Processing & Slitting

Machine Concepts designs and builds a wide range of coil processing terminal equipment. We have extensive experience in both mill and service center applications. We can provide high quality engineered solutions for the most demanding requirements.

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Automatic Press Load-Unload (1)

Automatic Press Load/Unload/Stacking System

By | Stacking Systems

Custom designed and built for each application, automatic load/unload systems increase pressroom production while at the same time creating an efficient, operator safe work place. Automatic load/unload systems is the first step in a complete work cell that starts with raw materials at the input and finishes with a completed, ready-to-ship part at the output. The ability to custom design pre and post press machines and then integrate with automatic load/unload systems make it a great fit for pressroom automation applications.

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H2 Straightener Line (1)

H2 & H2L Precision Straighteners

By | Press Auxiliary

H2 and H2L family of straighteners have been designed for heavier gauges (.020” to .500”) and normally slower speed applications (30 to 200 FPM). Its ability to remove coil set and cross bow in today’s tough high-strength, low-alloy materials has proven itself in some of the most demanding applications.

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