Below Bed Stacking

By April 17, 2018Stacking Systems


Below Bed Stacking


The BBS system is designed to transfer parts from inside a press to stations outside the press for continued manual or automated processing. The unit is positioned to process parts below the press and present stacks from below floor line in front of the press. The unit is constructed with a heavy duty frame which provides increased payload capacity to process large parts. With the increased payload capacity, the system may also process tall stacks resulting in an increase in press speed. The innovative quick change tooling offered with this system effectively reduces setup time increasing efficiency and productivity.

Mandrels mounted on moveable pallets work in conjunction with escapement devices located below the die to produce stacks of parts with uninterrupted operation of the press. When the desired stack height is achieved, the escapement is activated and the pallet is lowered and exchanged with another. After the exchange is made the escapement releases and the new pallet continues to receive parts. The full pallet is transferred below floor level to an operator tower located in front of the press. The operator tower lifts the full pallet to an unload position above the floor line for manual or automated stack removal. When empty, the pallet reverses direction and is positioned for the next pallet exchange.