Below Bed Stacking (BBS)

Dual Lane Capable

Below Bed Stacking System

The Below Bed Stacking (BBS) System receives stamped laminations through the die and bolster, extracts them below the press and presents them to the operator at floor level.

A pallet transfer system presents dual mandrels in position under the die to accumulate laminations as they are punched. When the mandrels are full, typically 18” to 36” stack height, the transfer system lowers the full pallet and exchanges it with an empty pallet while escapements allow laminations to accumulate under the die. At the same time the empty pallet with dual mandrels is raised into position under the die, the transfer system shuttles the full pallet out from under the press and raises it to present the full mandrels to the operator.

The operator (or an automated system) picks up the full mandrels and places them into a lamination container where the mandrel is triggered to release the laminations.