Hot Mill Trimmer / Choppers

hot mill chopper before picture


hot mill chopper after picture


Machine Concepts has rebuilt many Hot Mill Trimmer / Choppers for several different companies. Rebuild procedure consists of the following:

  • Full inspection (as received) to check trimmer arbor run-outs, bearing and sleeve endplay checks and breakaway torques on chopper set-up
  • Complete teardown, including disassembly down to bare arbors and housing
  • Set up arbors and housing on a machine and fully inspect diameters and bore alignments according to print specification
  • Clean all reusable parts and paint where applicable
  • Reassemble arbors and put back into housing
  • Set up chopper knives for proper clearances and heights
  • Final inspection of endplays, arbor run-outs and breakaway torques
  • Continuous test run to seat in bearings and assure proper running ability when put back into the line
  • All inspection and run-in data to be given to customer for their records
Hot Mill Trimmer Data Run chart