Electric Vehicle Precision Straighteners

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The EV/L2 series is designed specifically for electric vehicle market materials. This machine is capable of straightening thin gauge, high strength material through a compact, efficient machine design.


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Machine Concepts’ Flatteners provide a cost competitive option for removing coil set defects. Based on a similar structure to our precision straighteners, flatteners offer many of the same desirable features…

Precision Straighteners

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G2, G2 Plus & G2L Precision Straighteners, H2 & H2L Precision Straighteners
G2P & H2P Precision Parts Straightener

Precision Parts Straighteners

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Achieving unsurpassed levels of flatness with proven performance and durability for today’s toughest materials. Both the G2P and H2P series have been designed to obtain a level of flatness and…
Looping System

Looping Systems

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Used to present the strip to the feeder without putting coil set back into the material.


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Machine Concepts’ Decoilers achieve superior coil handling control for a wide range of light to heavy duty loads providing for superior line efficiency.


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Machine Concepts’ Gripping Mandrel allows the operator to place the lead edge of the coil onto the mandrel slot and when the operator expands the mandrel, a gripper bar compresses…

Coil Cars & Coil Stands

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Machine Concepts’ Coil Cars and Coil Stands are designed to improve coil line efficiency by creating a safe and quick coil loading system. Using a coil car or coil stand…
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Scroll Line

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Scroll strip stamping is a creative way to scroll slitting lamination material of circular or hexagonal parts. During this process, a reduction of 12% to 29% can be achieved over…


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Machine Concepts’ Coil Upenders provide an efficient and safe means of upending and loading a wide range of coil diameters onto decoilers.


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Machine Concepts Toggle Shear has been proven in the field for over ten years as one of the fastest non-servo driven shears in the industry.

Parts Retrieval Systems & Removal Karts

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Machine Concepts’ Parts Retrieval Systems are a reliable, cost-effective way of removing parts and scrap from the die.
Automatic Press Load-Unload (1)

Stacking Systems

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PRESS AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT High Speed Lamination and Flat Blank Stacking Delivers Mobility and manageability, all while maintaining the highest level of performance possible. Our professional engineering staff delivers unprecedented dedication…

Precision Roll Services

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New work rolls, intermediate rolls and repair/reconditioning services for multi-roll levelers, tension levelers and straighteners. Machine Concepts recognizes the need for work roll replacement and/or reconditioning to minimize downtime. We…

Precision straighteners eliminate coil shape defects that simple flatteners cannot remove. Small diameter work rolls with supporting back-up rollers produce a flat strip free of stress. Parts that need to be flat stay flat and round parts stay round.

Precision Straightener Illustration
Flattener Illustration
Conventional Straightener Illustration
MCI Straightener Illustration

Standard Features

– Common to Series G2, G2 Plus, G2L, H2, H2L, G2P, H2P and L2 Precision Straighteners

  • Family of frame sizes and roll diameters to cover a large range of materials
  • Interchangeable roll diameter cassettes within the same frame size
  • Removable cassette and modular designs provide fast and easy roll exchange, cleaning, inspection and maintenance.  L2/EV requires more manual operation to change the cassette.
  • Precision ball and socket set to align top and bottom roll banks for accurate alignment
  • Hardened and precision ground work rolls supported with double row needle bearings
  • Durable roll drive system eliminates problems of U-joints and enhances straightener capabilities in several ways
  • Hanging cassette design eliminates adjustment backlash and greatly reduces machine deflection
  • Continuous light oil lubrication with flow and level monitoring
  • All electrical drives, controls and panels are machine mounted.  EV lines do NOT have machine mounted controls.
  • Proven performance and durability in the toughest stamping applications
  • Simple calibrating routine which provides extremely accurate work roll position control and repeatable set-ups
  • User-friendly operator screens provide all information required for machine operation.
  • Straightener set-up and operation is simple and easy to understand