Custom Equipment

Custom Equipment:
Machine Concepts is an engineering-based company that specializes in custom design/build projects. We have the expertise needed to address unique requirements and to help our customers solve problems.

Coil Storage and Handling:

  • Custom designs for service center or mill applications
  • Heavy duty robust equipment
  • Fully automated coil retrieval and storage systems available

Sheet Stackers:

  • Drop or Air Float systems available for ferrous and nonferrous applications.
  • Custom end stops with may adjustment and shock absorbing options
  • Chain type side conveyors
  • Driven roller conveyors
  • Custom scissors lifts
  • Weigh scale systems
  • Custom controls for integration into existing lines

Coil Upenders:

  • Specialized designs for large diameter coils
  • High weight capacity
  • Automatic pallet centering
  • Driven roller conveyors
  • Sliding “V” cradles to minimize or eliminate coil O.D. damage
  • Custom integration into existing packaging lines

Tension Bridles:

  • Simple heavy duty designs
  • Custom drive systems to suit customers application
  • Integrated tension measurement capability

Special Applications:

  • Flatness and strip inspection tables
  • Strip support rolls
  • Deflector and Billy rolls
  • Strip diverter rolls
  • Belt Conveyors