Shear - Rotary & Parting

Cold Mill Parting Shear

  • Parting shear used to part the head and tails of aluminum coils.
  • Design to fit in between mill stand housings.
  • Custom designed, built and installed in 16 weeks.
  • Mill Duty Environment.

Rotary Shear Assembly

  • Rotary shear assembly used to prep the sheet prior to being welded.
  • Special needs call for unique and innovative designs.
  • On-sight inspection and installation assistance.


Hydraulic Cut-To-Length Traversing Shear

Machine Concepts Inc. has recently shipped it's first cut-to-length line traversing hydraulic shear for the aluminum industry.


  • Hydraulic cylinders used for down-cut operation.
  • Linkage style pivot equalization.
  • Upper bow-tie knife.
  • Bottom knife is adjustable for incremental knife gap control.
  • Heavy steel plate construction.
  • Design incorporates a roller screw cylinder for achieving high positioning accuracy for sheet length.
  • Custom designed to fit the customers applications.