G2P & H2P Precision Parts Straightener

Both the G2P & H2P series have been designed to obtain a level of flatness and speed that many other parts straighteners can not achieve.  Available in single and dual head configuration and also available in single and double lane configuration.

Applications Include:

Clutch Plates, Saw Blades, Food Processing Knives, Laser Burnt Parts, Fine Blank Parts, etc.


  • Easy quick removal of roll cassette for cleaning or changing work rolls.
  • Multiple cassettes with different work roll diameters can be inter-changed in the same basic machine.
  • Two-point belt drive connection system eliminates problems of U-joints and shortens installation time.
  • Hanging cassette design eliminates adjustment backlash and improves calibration reliability.
  • Precision ball and socket set to align top and bottom roll banks for accurate alignment.
  • Hardened and precision ground work rolls supported with double row needle bearings.
  • Continuous light oil lubrication with flow and level monitoring.
  • All electrical drives, controls and panels are machine mounted.
  • Proven performance and durability in the toughest stamping applications.


  • Programmable speed control of all conveyors and cassette rolls.
  • Dual head straighteners with 90 degree parts rotation between heads.
  • Dual lane parts straightener doubles thru put on a single machine (available in dual head configuration).
  • Motorized entry and exit adjustment incorporates pushbutton control entry and exit roll position with PLC controlled travel and tilt limits.
  • Programmable job code storage of entry / exit settings and conveyor/cassette roll speeds based on part number.
  • Chrome work rolls layer of hard chrome that helps reduce material pick-up and marking of the rolls.
  • Double thickness protection to prevent two parts from entering cassettes stacked.
  • Entry feeder that an operator loads stacks of parts and the feeder/conveyor destacks one part at a time.
  • Automatic restacking of parts after running thru parts straightener. Production part counter.