Roll Grinding

Machine Concepts recognizes the need for work roll replacement and/or reconditioning with fast turnaround to minimize downtime. We have highly trained personnel with thorough knowledge of work roll design utilizing high-end equipment for all your precision roll service needs.

New Rolls

  • Extensive experience in work roll design - based on customer parameters or reverse engineering of customer supplied rolls
  • High-performance rolls with enhanced durability and longevity
  • Suitable for a wide range of machines and applications, such as work rolls and intermediate rolls
  • Various finishes available including micro finish and chrome plating
  • Precise tolerances are held to customer’s satisfaction
  • Wide range of roll sizes available



Roll Reconditioning

  • Capability to recondition rolls back to original specifications, including:
    • Repair damaged roll ends
    • Straighten bent rolls
    • Regrind and finish worn rolls
  • Extend roll service life reducing downtime and maintenance costs
  • Inspection reports and documentation - pre and post repair
  • Full service support as needed
  • Emergency roll repair service