AutoFlat® Automatic Shape Correction

AutoFlat® is a patented leveler control system that takes automation to the next level. The system reads the shape of the strip as it leaves the leveler and by closed loop control automatically adjusts roll bending to achieve and maintain flat strip. The system works on the fly and provides a dynamic readout of strip shape.

AutoFlat® will seek the correct flight positions automatically, and dynamically controls work roll bending even when the incoming strip changes shape.

The AutoFlat® system relieves the operator from adjusting the roll bending on the leveler.

Machine Concepts offers AutoFlat® with two types of shape sensors: Air bearing type and displacement type. Each type uses a different principal to sense shape and each has pros and cons compared to each other. Both require tension on the strip.

Contact Machine Concepts for a more detailed discussion on the AutoFlat® system.

Machine Concepts has recently enhanced its patented AutoFlat® system by doubling the edge resolution of the displacement shape feedback sensor. This enhancement greatly reduces any unmeasured zones on the edges of the strip providing a more accurate shape profile across any width of strip. This enhanced feedback sensor is now incorporated on all new displacement style AutoFlat® systems.