G3CC - Cassette Cart Leveler

The Machine Concepts G3CC Cassette cart leveler provides expanded gage range with dual roll sizes and very easy cleaning and service by removing entire cassette from the leveler. The G3CC does not require a docking station to receive the cassette. The most common applications for the G3CC are in coil to coil applications due to its open bypass feature but it can be utilized in other applications as well.

  • Complete cassette can be removed for cleaning or exchange

  • Quick exchange system available

  • Modular construction

  • Pull thru or upper roll assist drive

  • Hanging module adjusts for roll gap

  • Full open bypass (clear pass line)

  • Very easy cleaning and service



  • Gage range up to .135” depending on roll diameter.
  • Mechanical screw jacks on each corner position the lower bolster (which is also the cassette removal cart) for roll module lift and exit penetration adjust.
  • Hydraulic actuators are used for entry penetration and roll bending. Hydraulic actuators provide overload protection with safety relief valves and lend themselves well to dynamic adjustments.
  • Pivot style lower roll bending provides aggressive bending on entry end feathers out to straight exit rolls, flat strip exits from straight rolls. Exit geometry stays constant when changing roll shape or entry penetration.
  • Entire cassette and work roll assemblies are modular units. Provides easy removal for cleaning and service.
  • Automatic calibration, the leveler accurately calibrates itself with the push of a button.
  • Automatic setup based on material parameters. Enter thickness, yield, width, and relative shape and the leveler will adjust itself to the proper setup.
  • Very informative user friendly display screens and easy to operate controls.
  • Automatic journal lubrication system.
  • 4” open bypass mode (clear pass line).


Besides roll diameter, width, and frame size, numerous other options are available to tailor your G3CC leveler to your exact needs.

The following is a partial list of options available for the G3CC:

  • 5 high and 6 high roll configurations
  • Chrome work rolls
  • Tables, guides, feed rolls, and other threading aids
  • Lateral tilt adjust, provides side to side trim for correcting edge curl
  • Roll cleaning system
  • AutoFlat automatic shape correction
  • Solvent spray system
  • Lifting bale and off line cassette opener
  • Cassette exchange system