Slitting / Side Trimming

Machine Concepts specializes in high precision, high speed, slitting and trimming applications. We are a engineering based company with access to the latest technology available in our fields. Machine concepts builds a full line of slitters, side trimmers, and scrap choppers for applications in finishing and cut-to-length lines

Some common features include:

  • Drop in self contained heads to replace, or be interchangeable with, existing slitters
  • High precision heads for light gauge high speed lines running aluminum, steel, and red metals
  • Arbors driven via single input, dual output pinion stand with several "U" joint or specialty coupling choices
  • Motorized knife overlap adjustment options available
  • Standard sliding out board housings or optional Swing out houseings for better access to tooling
  • Complete sets of tooling available including precision spacers, knives, stripper rings, and hydraulic jet nuts 
  • New slitters designed to be compatible with existing scrap handling systems

Controls Options:

  • PLC controls with full communication capability
  • Automatic "Go To" knife gap, knife overlap, and outgoing sheeti width control packages available
  • Digital position readouts and/or HMI display screens

Rebuilding and Upgrades:

  • Multiple upgrade options including new drives (Retrofit onto existing heads), news fixed or setup bases, high precision bearings, and improved arbor precision
  • Slitter arbor upgrades to accept hydraulic hub cutters, knife holders, or other specialized tooling
  • Please see the Rebuild and Upgrade section of our website