S-Loop Material Guidance System

straightener s-loop

The guidance system controls the shape of the material through an S-Loop to reduce bouncing or swaying of the material during press operation. The S-Loop also delivers the material to the feeder in a free state and straight in-line with feed direction. Therefore, the feeder does not have to overcome effects of material weight hanging in a normal loop and does not have to pull the material around a curve.

This equipment will assist in achieving higher production speeds and reducing wear and tear of feeder units.


  • Adjustable guide for press pass line
  • Adjustable lower-quadrant to achieve the correct free loop radii
  • Material is self-threading to free loop position
  • Free spinning rollers provide non-marking guidance for surface sensitive materials
  • Tunable loop fill position allows the operator to find the best position during productions
  • Conventional S-Loop great for short to medium feed progression (0” to 12”)
  • Overhead S-Loop allows longer feed progressions (up to 18”)