Scrap Choppers Rebuilds and Upgrades

Scrap Chopper Rebuild & Repair Before


Scrap Chopper Rebuild & Repair After


Machine Concepts has extensive experience rebuilding all types of scrap choppers. When required, we can offer engineered solutions to upgrade or retrofit existing machines. Our basic rebuild scope of work includes the following:

  • On-site baseline inspection
  • Complete equipment inspection and reports before teardown, including endplay checks, breakaway torques, knife heights and gaps and arbor lift (all reports are provided to the customer for their records)
  • “Pre-Rebuild” inspection reports according to print specifications, including arbor measurements and run-outs, housing bore measurements and bore alignments
  • Refurbish and repair work per customer’s instructions
  • In-house inspection of precision bearing and grinding of bearing spacers for proper preload or endplay to obtain knife gaps required for high quality trimming and chopping (Machine Concepts has experience setting up bearings up to 40” in diameter)
  • Reassembly with new bearings and seals
  • Chopper set-up with proper knife height and gap. Anti-backlash gearing spacers are measured and ground to control chopper knife gap during operation
  • Lengthy test runs on chopper heads before shipment
  • Final inspection reports and run-in data provided to customer