Scroll Slitting Processing Line

By April 17, 2018Press Auxiliary


Scroll Slitting Processing Line

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A process sometimes called “scroll slitting process” is used by stampers to greatly reduce material cost when processing round or nested parts.

This process provides a noticeable cost savings for high volumes or high-cost material, such as stainless steel or aluminum. This process is also suitable for motor laminations, oil filters, clutch disc, oil seals, deep drawn blanks or any well nested parts with high scrap rate.

Many stampers first use alternative methods that are more common to the press room that results in varying percentages of scrap to finished product rates.

Conventional one-out die feed by a straight slit coil. This method results in an extremely high scrap rate.

Multiple-out die feed by a single straight slit coil. This method results in greater material savings than one-out dies, but tooling costs are higher, more press tonnage is needed and scrap rate is reduce slightly.

Zigzag feeding. Material is fed along the leading edge and X axis into a one-out die. After one stroke, the feeder traverses along the X and Y axes, positioning the appropriate-width coil into line with the die. This movement typically is accomplished with an additional servomotor turning a ball screw to provide accurate positioning. The die may require modification to allow strip to traverse. Also typically slows down the press line to allow time to make these added movements.