Rebuilds & Upgrades

Side Trimmers Rebuilds and Upgrades

Side Trimmers Rebuild & Upgrade Before


Side Trimmers Rebuild & Upgrade After


Machine Concepts rebuilds all brands and models of Side Trimmers besides our own, including Trimmers that fall into the following categories:

  • High speed precision trimmers running from 1000 to 6000 fpm – cutting .003 to .040 aluminum or steel
  • Medium to Heavy gauge trimmers cutting .040 to .375 aluminum or steel
  • Pickle Line trimmers with a wide range of speeds, material and gauges (We have rebuilt many Wean style PL side trimmers for various companies)
  • Hot Mill trimmers with a gauge range of .080 to .400

Rebuild and Retrofit Options for Side Trimmers

  • Add horizontal knife adjustment – motorized or manual
  • Add vertical trimmer knife adjustment – motorized or manual
  • Add digital displays for horizontal and/or vertical knife adjustment
  • Add knife width gauge with digital display for simple operation
  • Arbor replacement or modification to establish Fixed Knife Cutting Edges, to reduce set-up time and create set-up consistency
  • Scrap handling and scrap chute modifications
  • Custom electrical upgrades, drive upgrades and automation
  • Bearing replacement or modification to improve accuracy, reduce running temperatures, extend running life and reduce maintenance requirements

Digital Displays

  • Horizontal gap, vertical gap and cutting width