Slitters Rebuild & Upgrade Before


Slitters Rebuild & Upgrade After


Machine Concepts rebuilds many different brands and models of Slitters besides our own, to meet our customer’s needs. We specialize in high precision slitters that run at very high speeds and slit the thinnest of material, and we also rebuild heavy gauge Slitters of all types. Rebuild procedure consists of the following:

  • Full, as received, inspection checking Slitter arbor run-outs, bearing and sleeve endplay checks, arbor parallelism throughout cutting range and arbor drop, which will show any excessive clearances inside the housing
  • Complete teardown: disassembling down to bare arbors and housing
  • Set up arbors and housing on a machine and fully inspect diameters and bore alignments according to print specification
  • Clean all reusable parts and paint where applicable
  • Reassemble arbors and sleeves with new bearings and put back into housing
  • Final inspection of endplays, arbor run-outs and arbor parallelism
  • Test run for a continuous run, to seat in bearings and assure proper running ability when put back into the line
  • All inspection and run-in data to be given to customer for their records