Belt Wrappers

Heavy-Duty Belt Machines for Finishing Lines and Mill Applications

Coil wrapper belts are essential components primarily utilized in the steel and aluminum industries for wrapping steel or aluminum sheets into coils. Equipped with automatic hydraulic or pneumatic belt tensioning systems, Belt Wrappers ensure consistent tension levels throughout the wrapping cycle, contributing to secure and uniform packaging of coils. These systems dynamically adjust tension, accommodating fluctuations in coil size, weight, and material characteristics, thereby enhancing wrapping quality and operational efficiency. 

Our Belt Wrappers feature heavy-duty welded steel construction throughout, configurations for overwinding or underwinding, automatic hydraulic or pneumatic belt tensioning, and many rubber and/or steel belting options. We'll custom design to match existing line layouts.

Standard Features for Belt Wrappers

• Heavy-duty construction for high load capabilities
• Utilizes V-cradle to eliminate coil outer diameter damage during pivot
• Pivoting manual adjustable keeper arms
• Hydraulic motor, 4 wheel drive traverse
• Hydraulic cylinder powered lift and pivot
• Hydraulic circuit flow controls, cross port checks and blocked center solenoid valves
• Customizable designs to accommodate customer needs
• Optional surrounding barrier guarding