G3CC Header

The G3CC leveler provides the ability to easily remove the cassette for cleaning, maintenance, exchange, etc. The lower bolster is actually a motor driven cart that supports the cassette and rolls in and out of the leveler frame. The G3CC does not require a cassette docking station as the cart serves that purpose; however, an exchange system for two cassettes is common.

Note: This style leveler lends itself well to coil to coil applications.


  • Automatic self-calibration after roll grind or parts replacement
  • Automatic setup based on material parameters
  • Floating journals reduce journal bearing load for longer life and better roll bend control
  • Overload protection via drive load monitoring and hydraulic relief
  • Automatic journal bearing lube system
  • Removable roll cassette for cleaning or changing work rolls. Different diameter cassettes can be exchanged to expand leveler gauge range
  • Work roll modules can be quickly removed as sub-assembly for cleaning and service
  • Open bypass mode lowers lower work rolls and raises upper work rolls away from pass line. Used for coil to coil applications when leveler is not in use to prevent roll scuffing from strip.

Frame and Roll Sizes

  • Frame sizes: 40,000 lb. up to 280,000 lb. separating load
  • Widths: 36” to 84”
  • Roll sizes: 0.875”, 1.3”, 1.5”, 1.75”, 2.25”
  • Typical max gauge: Approximately .135” for largest roll size depending on material width and yield strength

Available Drive Systems

  • Pull thru for coil-to-coil lines
  • Pull thru with pull roll after leveler for very light gauge CTL applications
  • Upper roll assist drive for either coil to coil lines or used with optional pull roll
  • Split cluster drive system compensates for differential roll speed and reduced drive stress

Optional Features

  • Cassette exchange system to receive and store cassettes
  • Off-line lifting bale and upper cassette rotator for easy cleaning and service of cassette
  • Patented roll cleaning process to quickly and easily scrub work rolls between coils
  • Lateral tilt to compensate for differences in material properties from edge to edge
  • AutoFlat® automatic shape control system
  • Job and product recipe storage