• Custom designs for service center or mill applications
  • Heavy-duty, robust coil handling equipment
  • Fully automated coil retrieval and storage systems are available
  • Efficient coil processing with precision cutting, shaping, and automation capabilities

Coil Cars

Quality coil cars and coil handling equipment are essential for the safe handling of coils. Our coil cars are always designed with operator safety and coil stability in mind.

Standard Features

  • Mast and low profile designs available
  • Weight capacity from 5,000 to 100,000 lbs.
  • Heavy-duty construction throughout
  • Typically all four wheels driven
  • Electric or hydraulic drive systems
  • Onboard hydraulic power unit or connect to external hydraulic source
  • Custom controls available with high levels of automation
  • Custom designs to match customer’s existing rails or floor configuration
  • Many options available including: rotating cradles, driven blocker rolls, load cell scale systems, custom coil restraining arms, wireless controls

Paper or Plastic Interleaving

Machine Concepts' history in surface critical applications provides robust solutions for paper or plastic interleaving.


Coil Packaging Lines

Machine Concepts has a specialty focus for coil packaging lines for mill applications with high repeatability and automation capability.

Stretch Wrappers and Banding

Machine Concepts has extensive experience in post-process line coil handling, banding, and stretch wrapping. Our robotics and automation experience, combined with industry partners in stretch wrapping and banding solutions allow us to offer both standard and custom-designed banding and stretch wrapping solutions.
Coil Processing

Upenders and Downlayers

  • Specialized designs for large-diameter coils
  • High weight capacity
  • Automatic pallet clamping and centering
  • Driven roller conveyors
  • Sliding “V” cradles to minimize or eliminate coil O.D. damage
  • Integration into existing packaging lines


Machine Concepts designs and builds coil handling turnstyle equipment for multiple coil handling and coil packaging applications.


Coil Saddles

Machine Concepts provides a wide range of coil saddle and coil car transport systems.


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