Partnering with Industry-Leading Press Manufacturers

Complete Solutions for Servo, Mechanical and Hydraulic Presses

Our specialty is before-the-press, in-press and post-press automation and custom equipment that takes your press operations to the next level. Whether you are looking to build a new turnkey press solution or integrate automation into an existing press, we partner with your team and the press manufacturer. 

Leveraging our relationship with industry-leading Servo, hydraulic and mechanical press suppliers, we can provide the press that best fits your needs, or if you decide to buy the press directly, we will collaborate with the manufacturer of your preference.


Presses for High Speed and Accuracy

For more than 30 years, Machine Concepts has been designing, engineering and customizing top-quality press room equipment. We’ll work closely with your team to uncover your challenges and discover the best press and complete press line solution or integration to meet your production goals. We work with:

Traditional Mechanical Presses

Achieve the highest production speeds, especially for flat parts with simpler forming requirements.

  • Parts are typically processed from coil stock through a progressive or transfer die
  • Ideal for automotive and appliance parts
  • Simplicity of setup and operation
  • High accuracy and repeatability

Hydraulic Presses

Offer versatility but generally don’t achieve the high cycling speeds of a mechanical press. Best for parts with deep, complex forms not dependent on production speed.

  • Ideal for tanks, cylinders and bowl shapes
  • Generally slower than mechanical or servo presses
  • Lower accuracy and repeatability than servo presses

Servo Presses

Combining the best characteristics of mechanical and hydraulic presses, Servo presses offer the versatility of the hydraulic press with the production speeds of a mechanical press.

  • Highly programmable to allow many different combinations of dies, part types and production speeds
  • Greater cycle speeds than a hydraulic press
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Higher costs than mechanical and hydraulic presses

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