Side Trimmers

Combination CNC Side Trimmer and Helical Scrap Chopper

Machine Concepts designs and builds several types of side trimmers for applications in mills, cut to length lines and high speed finishing lines to fit our customer’s needs. Common applications include:

  • Drop-in, self-contained head assemblies to replace or complement existing slitters
  • High precision heads for light gage, high speed lines running aluminum, steel and red metals
  • Traditional finishing and cut to length lines
  • Hot mill side trimmers

Many heads include custom control packages – stand alone or with communication and automatic set up capability.
Many new side trimmer systems can be compatible with existing scrap handling systems

Common Available Features:

  • High precision bearing setups specialized for your application
  • Horizontal knife gap adjust packages
  • Manual adjustments or automatic setup via onboard PLC controls
  • Retrofit packages to replace existing slitter heads
  • Stand-alone direct drive system or designed to use your existing drive
  • Turret side trimmers for process and pickle line applications
  • High precision SAE 4150 flame hardened arbors. Arbors designed for fixed knife cutting edges. No shimming required when face grinding/sharpening knives.
  • Synthetic grease lubricated arbor bearings for low operating temperatures
  • Vertical knife overlap adjustment via full length eccentric sleeve
  • Motorized width adjust via precision ball screws
  • Appropriate thread tables
  • Scrap chutes or diverters
  • Lifting taps and burnouts provided in all equipment

Additional Options:

  • Hydraulically expanded hub cutter/knife holders
  • Adjustable head toe in or “Cant”
  • Motorized knife adjustments both horizontal and vertical
  • High precision horizontal knife adjustment accurate to +/-.0002 inches. These adjustments can be made on the fly while the head is cutting strip.
  • Heads driven via one common drive shaft or individual drives on each head
  • Entry bridle systems
  • Digital read out for position feedback
  • Automated “Go To” positioning for width and knife gap/lap adjustments
  • Complete sets of tooling, including precision spacers, knives, stripper rings and hydraulic jet nuts

Control Features:

  • PLC Controls with full communication capability
  • Automatic “Go To” knife gap, knife overlap and outgoing sheet width control packages available
  • Digital position readouts and/or HMI display screens
Side Trimmers

Side Trimmer Input and Saved Recipe Screen

Side Trimmers

Side Trimmer Knife and Width Positions Screen