Slitters and Side Trimmers


Machine Concepts builds a full line of slitters for applications in finishing and cut to length lines.

Common Applications

From complete coil processing systems to individual components for retrofits, our engineering team will provide innovative solutions to achieve your production goals. Some common features include:

  • Drop in self-contained heads to replace or be interchangeable with existing slitters
  • High precision heads for light gauge, high speed lines running aluminum, steel and red metals
  • Arbors driven via single input, dual output pinion stand with several “U” joint or specialty coupling options
  • Motorized knife overlap adjustment options available
  • Standard sliding outboard housings or optional swing out housings for better access to tooling
  • Complete sets of tooling available including precision spacers, knives, stripper rings and hydraulic nuts
  • New retrofit slitters designed to be compatible with existing scrap handling systems

Testing and Inspection

At Machine Concepts our standard procedure is to test run and fully inspect all slitters and side trimmers at our facility prior to shipment. Thermal arbor growth is measured and recorded to insure machine performance once installed. Arbor endplay, radial runout and tooling shoulder runout are also checked and held within tight tolerances. All machine inspections are fully documented and included in our service manuals.

Standard Features

  • Heavy duty, rugged cast or steel housings
  • High precision SAE 4150 flame hardened arbors
  • Synthetic grease lubricated arbor bearings for low operating temperatures
  • Full length eccentric sleeves for knife overlap adjustment. Passline remains constant at all knife diameters
  • Both arbors driven via single input drive shaft on back of main housing
  • Appropriate thread tables
  • Scrap chutes or diverters
  • Lifting taps and burnouts provided in all equipment


  • Hydraulically expanded hub cutter/knife holders
  • Motorized knife overlap adjustment
  • Swing out outboard housings for better access to tooling
  • Complete sets of tooling including precision spacers, knives, stripper rings and hydraulic jet nuts

Slitter Related Equipment

– To complement our slitters, we also offer all slitting related equipment. Some common examples are listed below:

  • Slitter fixed bases with manual or automatic lock down clamps
  • Custom slitter drives with manual or automatic coupling engagement
  • Slitter storage trays – Rotary or lateral shift.
  • Scrap storage or scrap pit enclosures
  • Slitter tooling capstans and tooling exchange systems
  • Slitter tooling racks and storage crates
  • Scrap choppers
  • Scrap ballers
  • Fixed slitter base designed for easy, quick and accurate exchange of slitters or side trimmer heads.
  • Rotary slitter storage tray designed for long service life and low maintenance. Lateral or side shifting slitter storage systems are also available.
  • High precision slitter with super finished arbors that are capable of accepting hydraulic hub cutters/knife holders or standard packed arbor tooling.

Hydraulically Expanded Hub Cutters/Knife Holders

Machine Concepts designs and manufactures a full line of hydraulically expanded, self-clamping slitter and side trimmer hub cutters/knife holders. These hubs are high precision, have excellent holding power, are easy to use, and are ideal for quick tooling setups or changes. Because of the self-clamping functionality, these hubs can achieve very low tooling runouts. This is very important to customers that use ultra-high precision or carbide tooling. We also provide hydraulic systems used to expand the hubs and position measurement systems for accurate hub placement.