Innovative Spray Technology for the Most Demanding Mill Applications

Machine Concepts is a leader in the design and manufacture of innovative spray valves. We provide complete spray assembly engineering and integration using the latest technologies to improve strip flatness quality and increase mill speeds.

Both our proportional spray valves and media piloted/pulse width modulation on/off spray valves are precision machined and constructed with stainless steel and the highest quality internal components. As a result, our valves offer reliability, easy inspection and maintenance, and long-lasting durability.


  • Shape control for rolling mills
  • Lube sprays
  • Roll cooling or heating
  • Metal coating/treatment

Proportional Spray Valves

Our latest innovation in valve technology sets the standard for accuracy, longevity and reliability. Machine Concepts’ proportional spray valves use an internal stepper motor to allow numerous variable positions, resulting in superior accuracy and efficiency in spray control.

The simplified design provides mill operators with easy maintenance while the many advanced features allow for precise spray patterns and superior flow performance.


  • Uses an internal stepper motor
  • Operates in numerous variable positions, resulting in superior accuracy and efficiency in spray control
  • No springs on coil armature or poppet on valve to eliminate stiction and reduce leakers
  • Can be retrofitted into standard spray header
  • Compatible with all shapemeters or directly programmable without a shapemeter
  • Modular design allows for easy inspection and maintenance by simply removing the threaded cap to access internal components

Advantages of proportional valves vs. on/off valves

  • Decreases complexity of spray header – no pilot media or pilot chamber required, eliminating the chance of debris buildup
  • Significantly extends coil life
  • Eliminates undulation of heat on roll
  • Provides better flow control, resulting in superior strip flatness


  • 25 GPM valve assembly
  • 1, 2 or 3 zones possible per header
  • Narrow width (down to 1” wide)
Spray Valve

Media Piloted/Pulse Width Modulation On/Off Spray Valve: Coolant or Air Piloted

Our precision machined coolant or air piloted on/off valves provide continuous or pulsing spray systems in single, double or triple row assemblies for optimal spray performance.

The robust design is maintenance-friendly and features a larger pilot chamber to prevent debris buildup. Multiple size and flow rate options are available.


  • 1:1, 3:1 or 7:1
  • On/off pulse delivery or continuous spray
  • Continuous duty electrical coil
  • A larger pilot chamber reduces the chance for debris buildup and blocked chamber to keep valve functioning
  • Higher spring rate on coil armature and poppet on valve overcomes stiction and reduces leakers
  • An optional diaphragm-style valve can be incorporated to replace the poppet-style valve


  • 45 GPM Valve Assembly (coolant piloted)
  • 25 GPM Valve Assembly (air piloted)
  • 16 or 20 GPM Valve Assembly (coolant piloted)
  • Remote valves (not integral on header)
Spray Valve

Complete Spray Assembly

We also offer complete spray assembly engineering for the most demanding mill applications. System configurations include multiple zones with multiple rows of nozzles controlled independently to provide temperature control where needed throughout the roll. Assemblies include spray valves, nozzle plates, header manifolds and a wire harness designed to suit each mill application.

Double Module Spray Valve

Repairs, Upgrades & Retrofits

Machine Concepts provides repair and upgrade services for spray valves, wire plates and assemblies at an affordable cost compared to buying new. We can also retrofit our products into your existing spray systems.

Additionally, our services include repairs and upgrades for USC spray valves and wire plates and building new valves, wire plates and assemblies that are interchangeable with USC products.

Spray Valves Image

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