Machine Concepts repairs and upgrades USC spray valves. We also build all new valves and wire plates that are interchangeable with USC.

25 GPM Spray Valve Assembly (Two Zone)

Applications Include:

  • Shape control for Rolling Mills, Lube Sprays, cooling and/or heating of rolls and product, coating/treatment of metal


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Continuous duty electrical coil
  • High IP rating on electrical connector
  • Viton o-rings
  • Re-buildable by customer (no epoxy encapsulating coil)
  • Higher spring rate on coil armature and poppet on valve (overcomes sticktion and reduces “leakers”)
  • Larger pilot passage ways (aids in blocked passage ways to keep valve functioning)
  • We can incorporate a new valve (diaphragm style to replace the poppet style)
  • Nozzle orientation angle designed to be consistent and no need for maintenance to set angle.  Nozzles can be replaced with 2 screws.


  • 45 GPM Valve Assembly (Coolant piloted)
  • 25 GPM Valve Assembly (Air piloted)
  • 16 or 20 GPM Valve Assembly (Coolant piloted)
  • Remote valves (not integral on header)

Video 1 – 45 GPM – normally open

Video 2 – 25 GPM

Video 3 – 25 GPM – diaphragm style

Video 4 – 16 or 20 GPM

Video 5 – 45 GPM – normally closed