In coordination with our automation group, Machine Concepts works directly with your development, engineering, and production teams to turn proof of concept process ideas into automated press processing lines. Our team will look for the most reliable and cost-effective solutions regardless of press manufacturer. Our job is to see you succeed.

Post Press Automation equipment ranges from simple blank stacking and transfer systems to complex post-press operations such as automation of mechanical assembly, vision inspection, and part organization, banding, and palletizing systems.

Core competencies include: high-speed stacking, 2D & 3D Vision Systems, part handling, and complex mechanical assembly, robotic welding and joining, inspection and quality control systems.


Machine Concepts offers a range of stacking systems to suit your specific application. Our primary focus is on high-speed stacking systems for electric motor lamination press lines, as well as providing the custom automation equipment solutions to produce the complete electric motor core sub-assemblies. 

We also have core competencies in blank stacking and transportation systems, specializing in “smart” stacking systems that reduce downtime and increase automation via completely automated stacking, batching and blank transferring systems. 

  • Above Bed Stacking
  • Automatic Press Load/Unload/Stacking System
  • Below Bed Stacking
  • Die Ejection Stacking
  • End of Crop Stacking
Parts Retrieval System Removal Cart

Machine Concepts’ Parts Retrieval Systems are a reliable, cost-effective way of removing parts and scrap from the die. Our systems are designed to pick up and remove up to 4 parts (2 inner and 2 outer) from the bottom die and catch the scrap as it is being released from the upper die.


Customers go to Machine Concepts for Press-to-Press transfer solutions that require best-in-class automation solutions. Our focus is on pressroom transfer systems that require complex part geometry, high-speed transfers, surface critical component handling, or all of the above.

“From concept to completion, the team at Machine Concepts was with us every step of the way.
They fully addressed all our questions and concerns.”
- Thomas Steel Strip Corporation