Machine Concepts Toggle Shear has been proven in the field for over ten years as one of the fastest non-servo driven shears in the industry.


Bowtie Toggle Crop Shear

Machine Concepts’ Bowtie Toggle Crop Shears are designed to be an efficient addition to a coil line requiring a cut to length operation. These shears are capable of achieving speeds up to 100 cuts per minute and capable of cutting materials up to 0.375” thick.

Machine Concepts’ Toggle Shears can shear strips of material at higher line speeds than traditional hydraulic shears. The toggle design uses a mechanical advantage to allow a strip of material to be sheared on the extension and on the retraction of a hydraulic cylinder instead of one cut per cylinder extend and retract cycle. This keeps the reliability of these machines high while keeping the cost low. In addition, the bowtie shape knives keep the strip on center of line compared to a single rake knife.

shear standard sizes chart

Higher speeds may be achieved by replacing the hydraulic system with a servo system. A servo system allows the operator to adjust the swing of the linkage design, which can increase the speeds at thinner gauges. Servo shears are speed synchronized to the speed of the press.


High Efficiency Toggle Action


Full Force Near Bottom of Toggle Movement

Toggle Shear Left

Bowtie Toggle Crop Shear – Extension

Toggle Shear Right

Bowtie Toggle Crop Shear – Retraction