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At Machine Concepts, our specialty is innovative solutions that increase productivity and quality, decrease production costs and improve operator safety. From conceptual design to operational equipment, our team of engineers, skilled machinists and project managers partners with your team to deliver pioneering technologies and machinery that overcome your production challenges. Our job is to see you succeed.

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Why Machine Concepts?

  • Extensive experience in the automotive (Tier 1 and 2), appliance and other manufacturing industries
  • A full staff of on-site mechanical control and electrical engineers and technicians
  • In-house CNC machining, machine assembly and wiring
  • Expert instructors to provide operator machine training and support materials
  • Advanced software to simulate robot cell enabling to pre-program a new robot or make modifications to an existing robot prior to installation, thus reducing production downtime
  • Detailed machine testing prior to shipment when applicable
  • Well-versed in Allen Bradley and Mitsubishi PLCs as well as experience with other manufacturers
  • Robot programmers also handle PLC and HMI programming to streamline integration
  • Experience with Fanuc iRVision & Cognex Vision Systems
  • CAD Software: Solidworks, Inventor and AutoCAD
  • Programming Software: Fanuc Robot Simulation, Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, HMI screens

Our Custom Capabilities

Machine Tending Robot

Robotic Integration

| Specialty Automation and Robotics | No Comments
Robotic integration is an essential part of making production as efficient as possible. Machine Concepts can help you realize the benefits that industrial robots can bring to your manufacturing operation.…
Laser Marking

Laser Marking Enclosures

| Specialty Automation and Robotics | No Comments
Laser marking is becoming a common method for part identification and tracking. Machine Concepts can provide a custom CDRH compliant laser enclosure to meet your production needs. Whether it is…
Inside diameter pipe grinder

Inside Diameter Pipe Grinder

| Specialty Automation and Robotics | No Comments
Oil drilling industry uses long continuous pipe to reach the depths of oil cavities. Short pipes are welded together to achieve the proper length required. For good strength, the welds…
Die Inverter

Die Inverter Machine

| Specialty Automation and Robotics | No Comments
The die inverter machine hydraulically pulls dies apart and has the ability to rotate one die half 90°. The machine shown has a separating force of 40 metric ton and…
Gantry Shuttle CV

Custom Conveyors

| Specialty Automation and Robotics | No Comments
Heavy duty custom conveyors are an integral part of many automotive plants. Conveyors can consist of multiple components, including straight sections, turntables, rollovers, integrated lifts, and many more. Machine Concepts…

Other Specialty Equipment

| Specialty Automation and Robotics | No Comments
Machine Concepts has the capacity to design, build, program, and install custom automation equipment to meet your production needs. We are poised to take on your most challenging and complex…