Press Transfer Systems

Fast, Reliable and User-Friendly

Our press transfer systems for Servo and mechanical presses fit a broad range of application requirements and can be readily combined with destackers or coil handling equipment. They can also be integrated with a double-feeding system.


  • Three programmable axes with independent and perfectly synchronized motion
  • From 6 to 12 servomotors
  • X, Y and Z strokes are defined in line with your specific needs
  • Excellent application flexibility
  • Quick production changes
  • High speed, and custom-designed transfers
  • Low maintenance
  • High productivity
  • High rigidity
  • Ideal for automotive parts and appliance components

Advanced Press-to-Press Transfer Systems

We specialize in advanced press-to-press transfer systems that require best-in-class automation. Our customized solutions are the perfect fit for press lines needing high-speed transfers with complex part geometry and/or surface-critical component handling.

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