Machine Concepts provides total design and modification solutions to new and existing mill equipment. With mill-experienced personnel, Machine Concepts offers innovative, reliable solutions to meet your process and maintenance requirements.

Let Machine Concepts work with you on projects to eliminate mill downtime, reduce maintenance costs, increase safety, improve quality or all of the above.

Complete Coil Prep Station packages available. Contact our engineering group for more information.

cold mill de-chocker

Cold Mill De-Chocker

De-chockers support mill back-up or work rolls on the O.D. or at the neck of the roll. Bearing chock support stands are raised to support the roll chocks allowing removal…

Ironing Rolls

Ironing Rolls

Custom designs for existing mill installations and finishing line applications. Contact our engineering group for a detailed evaluation.

Spindle Support Stand

Spindle Support Stands are used for supporting the universal joints used in cold mills. Supports are engaged when the work rolls are to be changed.

Spray Bar Retract

Spray Bar Retract

Spray bar is used to lubricate metal sheets processed in a cold mill. They are custom designed and built to fit between existing mill stand housing.

Rebuilds & Upgrades

Machine Concepts has extensive experience rebuilding all types of equipment with special expertise in Slitters, Side Trimmers and Scrap Choppers. We offer complete line rebuild and upgrade services to suit…

Spray Valve

Spray Valves

Our latest innovation in valve technology sets the standard for accuracy, longevity and reliability.

Air Bearing Shape Rolls

Machine Concepts continually develops and implements air bearing shape roll technology to respond to increasing mill speeds, changing properties of metal and increasing demands for improved quality of strip flatness.

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