AutoFlat® Automatic Shape Correction

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The AutoFlat® system reads the shape of the strip as it leaves the leveler and by closed loop control automatically adjusts roll bending to achieve and maintain a flat strip. The AutoFlat® system relieves the operator from adjusting the roll bending on the leveler.

The system works on the fly with the strip under tension and provides a dynamic readout of strip shape. AutoFlat® will seek the correct flight positions automatically and dynamically controls work roll bending even when the incoming strip changes shape.

It has been proven that shape is most accurately read under tension. Unlike other systems that use lasers, AutoFlat® is unique in that it is the only system that can truly do this on a leveler application.


  • Shape sensing rolls integrated onto the leveler
  • Lift mechanism used to retract the shape sensors
  • Speed controller and proprietary software
  • Real-time dynamic readout of outgoing material shape
  • Closed loop control provides automatic roll bending by monitoring exit strip shape
  • Pull roll after the leveler to provide tension zone
  • Two types of shape measurement systems available: air bearing sensor or displacement sensor