Before-the-Press Equipment

Feed Parts Faster and More Efficiently

Our before-the-press solutions for Servo, mechanical and hydraulic presses are customized and focused on automation to help deliver parts faster, more efficiently and more profitably. At Machine Concepts, we are known for taking on challenging projects that involve high-speed, surface-critical, tough-to-process materials and applications.

In coordination with our automation group, our press room engineers work directly with your engineering and production teams to turn proof-of-concept ideas into reality. Our team will look for the most reliable and cost-effective solutions regardless of the press manufacturer.

Our Before-the-Press Solutions Include



Our high-quality decoilers ensure smooth and consistent unrolling of coils, facilitating a streamlined process right from the start.
Precision Straighteners

Precision Straighteners

Eliminate any unwanted curvatures or deformities with our state-of-the-art straighteners, designed to deliver perfectly flattened materials.


Remove coil set defects with our flatteners, an alternative to a straightener and typically used in less critical dimensional processes.
Shape Correction

Shape Correction Levelers

Another option for removing defects is our shape correction levelers, which use a series of offset top and bottom rolls to flatten and correct the shape of the material before it enters the press.


Manage and control the flow of materials with precision, ensuring they are fed into the press at just the right speed and tension.


Efficiently separate and position each sheet of material, facilitating a smooth transition into the press.


Our upenders provide an efficient and safe means of upending and loading a wide range of coil diameters onto decoilers.

Coil Cars & Coil Stands

Our heavy-duty coil cars and coil stands efficiently transport heavy rolls and safely secure coils for unwinding into the press machine.

Precision Roll Services

Our precision roll services ensure that the rollers used in your press operations are maintained, repaired, and optimized for precise and efficient operation.
EV Straighteners

EV Precision Straighteners

Our EV straighteners are designed to remove curvatures in lighter gauge materials used in the electric vehicle industry.

Automating a Press Feed Line

Integrating automation into the press feed line enhances productivity from the start. With Machine Concepts as your partner, you can efficiently integrate automation into your press room operations and experience the benefits for years to come.

  • Enhanced Production: With the right automation in place before the press, the entire stamping process becomes more streamlined, leading to increased output.
  • Optimized Performance: Our before-the-press solutions ensure that materials are presented to the press in the best possible condition, reducing the risk of defects and enhancing overall quality.
  • Cost Efficiency: By maximizing performance and reducing manual labor before the press, significant cost savings add up from the start.
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Why Choose Machine Concepts?

At Machine Concepts, we are an engineering-based machinery builder with over 40 full-time engineers. We’ll come to your plant and diagnose, run ROI calculations and use the latest CAD technologies to design an innovative solution for automation, new equipment, an integration or rebuild in the press room. We’ll partner with your team to coordinate every step, from build to install to after-sale support. When it’s time for routine maintenance, parts and troubleshooting, we’re here for you.

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