Machine Concepts core technical competencies include:

  • High speed & high precision slitting lines
  • Coil-to-coil process lines
    • Pup coil despooling lines
    • Level trim lines
    • Coating lines
    • Specialty process lines
  • Coil leveling lines
  • Coil prep lines
  • Inspection lines
  • Oscillate slitting lines
  • Scroll lines
  • Blanking lines
  • Cut-to-length/multi-blanking lines

Custom design is the cornerstone of our turnkey process line capability. Machine Concepts has the mechanical and electrical capability to design, build, and install turnkey coil processing lines for the most demanding mill duty applications. Customers utilize Machine Concepts for turnkey process lines that require mill-duty reliability, extraordinary line speed, specialty materials, and/or proprietary annealing, coating, slitting and finishing processes. Machine Concepts has a specific technical focus on high-strength aluminum alloys and other specialty materials and their associated processes

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