G3DC Header

The G3DC leveler provides the ability to easily remove the entire cassette for cleaning, service, exchange, etc. The G3DC requires either a docking station or exchange system to remove the cassette.


  • Automatic self-calibration after roll grind or parts replacement
  • Automatic setup based on material parameters
  • Floating journals reduce journal bearing load for longer life and better roll bend control
  • Overload protection via drive load monitoring and hydraulic relief
  • Automatic journal bearing lube system
  • Removable roll cassette for cleaning or changing work rolls. Different diameter cassettes can be exchanged to expand leveler gauge range
  • Work roll modules can be quickly removed as sub-assembly for cleaning and service

Frame and Roll Sizes

  • Frame sizes: 80,000 lb. up to 1,200,000 lb. separating load
  • Widths: 48” to 96”
  • Roll sizes: 0.875”, 1.3”, 1.5”, 1.75”, 2.25”, 3”, 4”, 5”, 6.5”
  • Typical max gauge: Approximately .750” for largest roll size depending on material width and yield strength

Available Drive Systems

  • Pull thru for coil to coil lines
  • Pull thru with pull roll after leveler for very light gauge CTL applications
  • Upper roll assist drive for either coil to coil lines or used with optional pull roll
  • All rolls driven via separate upper and lower pinion boxes and drive shafts
  • Split cluster drive system compensates for differential roll speed and reduced drive stress

Optional Features

  • Cassette exchange system or a docking station to receive and store cassettes
  • Off-line lifting bale and upper cassette rotator for easy cleaning and service of cassette
  • Patented roll cleaning process to quickly and easily scrub work rolls between coils
  • Lateral tilt to compensate for differences in material properties from edge to edge
  • AutoFlat® automatic shape control system
  • Job and product recipe storage