Cold Mill De-Chocker

cold mill de-chocker

De-chockers support mill back-up or work rolls on the O.D. or at the neck of the roll. Bearing chock support stands are raised to support the roll chocks allowing removal of the retaining rings and bearing containment components. Once disassembled the bearing chocks are separated from the roll journals.


  • Operator safety is always #1 priority
  • Straight forward operation and controls
  • Chock lift and separation can be powered either electrically or hydraulically
  • Overload devices such as slip clutches incorporated into the design to prevent equipment damage
  • Manipulating arms can be supplied to aid in the lifting of work roll and back-up roll end containment parts
  • Spring loaded engagement pins incorporated into the design to eliminate the need for manual pin insertion
  • Stand-alone electrical control cabinets and dedicated hydraulic power units can be supplied for a self-contained fully functioning system
  • Each stand is custom designed to fit our customer’s needs

Roll Change Sleds

  • We offer custom configurations to suit your mill
  • Contact the Machine Concepts engineering group for more information