Machine Concepts’ Flatteners provide a cost competitive option for removing coil set defects. Based on a similar structure to our precision straighteners, flatteners offer many of the same desirable features as the straighteners that many other manufacturers do not offer.

The F2 family of flatteners has been designed to provide a cost competitive option as an alternative to a straightener. Flatteners are typically used in less critical dimensional stable processes and offer a way to reduce investment knowing that the end result will be of lower quality resolution.

Although flatteners are a cost competitive option, Machine Concepts has maintained the hanging cassette and interchangeable cassette design as well as many other features and options that you find within our straightener family of products. These additional features provide some inherent benefits that many other manufacturers do not offer.

Machine Concepts’ Flatteners have been developed based on a similar structure to the precision straighteners with the exception that they are mainly designed to remove coil set and perhaps reduce cross bow. The primary feature that sets the flattener and precision straighteners apart is the size and quantities of work rolls and number of back-ups supporting the rolls. The capacities chart shown below is based on a 50 ksi yield strength, but Machine Concepts’ typical capacity charts show several yield strengths higher than 50 ksi.

flatteners specifications chart