Belt Wrapping Rewinder

Gripping Mandrel Rewinders

Machine Concepts’ Gripping Mandrel allows the operator to place the lead edge of the coil onto the mandrel slot and when the operator expands the mandrel, a gripper bar compresses the lead edge within the slot.  The operator jogs roughly two wraps of material on the mandrel before placing the rewind in automatic run mode and pulling high tension.

Belt Wrapping Rewinders

Machine Concepts’ Belt Wrapping Mandrels allow customers to wrap material on a core diameter or coil spool.  The operator places the core on the mandrel and expands the mandrel to size.  When ready, the operator introduces the offline mandrel to inline and the belt wrapper conforms to the mandrel core.  A thread table guides the material into the nip point of the belt wrapper and the mandrel will turn at line speed until enough material has been wrapped on the mandrel to pull desired tension.  Then the belt wrapper opens and retracts out of the way to allow the line to run under normal conditions.

rewinders specifications chart