Coil Cars & Coil Stands

Coil Stand

Machine Concepts’ Coil Cars and Coil Stands are designed to improve coil line efficiency by creating a safe and quick coil loading system. Using a coil car or coil stand enables an operator to pre-stage coils while the decoiler is still running in line. Also the use of a Machine Concepts Coil Car or Coil Stand greatly reduces the chance of damaging the decoiler as a result of direct coil loading using other methods.

Hydraulic motor driven, self-locking machine screw jacks are used to securely support the load of a coil in the event of power loss. With a large travel range, Machine Concepts’ Coil Cars and Coil Stands are able to accommodate a wide range of coil outer diameters. The bellows style lift cover with a zipper allows these machines to be easily accessible for maintenance while preventing dust, debris and extremities from entering the collapsing area.

coil cars stands specifications chart

Standard Features

  • Adjustable height using hydraulic motor driven machine screw jacks
  • Standard height travel of 18 inches
  • Two guide rods provide extra support during vertical travel and off center loads
  • Manually adjustable post keepers
  • Built-in keeper post storage rack
  • Hydraulic motor with 4 wheel drive traverse (coil car only)

Optional Features

  • Pivoting Manual Adjustable Coil Keeper Arms – this option incorporates pivoting keeper arms on the decoiler side of the coil car or coil stand. The arms are fixed in the direction of the coil width, and pivot out of the way to allow the coil car or decoiler to retract after the coil is loaded on the decoiler.  The keeper arms on the other side of the coiler car or coil stand remain upright at all times, but can adjust in and out based on the coil width.
  • Rotary Coil Cradle – the cradle of the coil car or coil stand can rotate 180°. This enables a coil to be positioned so the decoiler can payoff a strip of material from the bottom or top of the coil.  The rotary cradle uses a slewing ring bearing to rotate on center off the coil car or coil stand.