Machine Concepts’ Coil Upenders provide an efficient and safe means of upending and loading a wide range of coil diameters onto decoilers.

Coil Upender Decoiler Load Position

Coil Upenders

Machine Concepts’ Coil Upenders serve as an efficient, user-friendly addition to any coil line.  The Coil Upender allows an operator to load a coil on a pallet onto the loading deck before rotating the coil upright.  This machine increases line efficiency by enabling an operator to pre-stage coils while the decoiler is still running in line.  In addition, the use of a Machine Concepts’ Coil Upender greatly reduces the chance of damaging the decoiler as a result of direct coil loading using other methods.

With a large vertical travel range, these upenders are able to accommodate a wide range of coil outer diameters.  Hydraulic cylinders are used to pivot and lift the coil.  Flow controls, cross port check valves and blocked center solenoid valves are incorporated directly into the hydraulic circuit to control speed and prevent unwanted motion in the event of a power loss.

upenders specification charts

Standard Features

• Heavy-duty construction for high load capabilities
• Utilizes V-cradle to eliminate coil outer diameter damage during pivot
• Pivoting manual adjustable keeper arms
• Hydraulic motor, 4 wheel drive traverse
• Hydraulic cylinder powered lift and pivot
• Hydraulic circuit flow controls, cross port checks and blocked center solenoid valves
• Customizable designs to accommodate customer needs
• Optional surrounding barrier guarding

coil pallet loading dock

Coil Upender – Coil on Pallet Loading Position