Blank Destackers

Unmatched Performance and Flexibility

Our destackers are the ideal solution for the next generation of transfer dies. We offer a broad range of designs for feeding blanks of any shape, size and material into the transfer die of a transfer press, directly to a transfer nest or into an Idle Station.

Our destackers are custom-designed for your application for stack loading, blank separation devices, double blank checking and unloading, lubrication and centering of blank for press loading. Our high-speed destackers can be a double-head system with magnetic belt conveyor and lifting tables, able to achieve maximum Strokes per Minute rates.


  • Automatic Stack Changing
  • All Types and Dimensions of Blanks
  • Double-Blank Unloading
  • Suitable for Any Type of Production
  • Ideal for Automotive Parts and Appliance Components
Automatic Press Load Unload

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