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Removable Roll Cassettes additional info

Removable Roll Cassettes

Levelers and straighteners in general are dirty machines; they don’t create dirt, they just collect it off the strip. Scale, oxide, dust, etc. gets deposited on the rolls and accumulates in the lower backup bearing area.

A removable roll cassette provides:

  • Easy inspection
  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy maintenance
  • Exchange with different roll diameters

Control Systems and Automation

  • Hand cranks and pointers
  • Motorized adjustments with position readouts
  • Setup assistance based on material parameters and recipe storage
  • Automation and closed loop shape control

Additional items and features you should evaluate

  • Construction and roll support methods
  • Types of roll bend methods exp: Wedge vs. Pivot
  • Bearings and lubrication methods
  • Types of position actuators, mechanical or hydraulic
  • Variations of drive systems
  • Strip handling options, tables, shears, side guides, threading rolls, etc.