Other Specialty Equipment


Machine Concepts has the capacity to design, build, program, and install custom automation equipment to meet your production needs. We are poised to take on your most challenging and complex projects. From conceptual design to operational equipment, Machine Concepts will work closely with you to determine the best mechanical or automated solutions for your custom equipment and provide seamless support throughout the process. We are dedicated to helping you reduce production costs and improve product quality, operator safety and productivity.

Part Shaker

Part Shakers can be used to remove machining chips or other unwanted particles from work pieces. The Shaker pictured has a custom fixture plate that can be removed via quick disconnects for quick model changes.

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Automatic Reamer

Reducing cycle times is a key driver for automation. This automatic reamer designed and built by Machine Concepts processes the part through three stages of reamers, reducing cycle time while maintaining linear product flow.

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Automatic Oiler

Part manipulation can range from complex to simple. We used multiple different methods on this oiler to separate and orient the parts for correct oil coverage.

Oil Slinger

Part cleaning can be a difficult process. Machine Concepts designed and built this oil slinger to remove excess oil from a gear during its machining process. This design can be customized to fit your part and available machine space.

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Part Inspection Manipulator

Repeated part handling can be an ergonomic nightmare. This part manipulator with intuitive joystick controls allows for each part to be inspected by an operator without requiring them to physically lift and rotate each part.

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Production Fixtures

Some processes during production require the workpiece to be located and clamped. Machine Concepts will study the workpiece closely for opportunities to locate and clamp without affecting the quality of the end product.

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