Tension Leveler Cassette Module 1

Machine Concepts can provide you with new tension leveler cassette modules based on your requirements. They can be tailored to meet your needs.

Tension Leveler Cassette Module 2

Disassembly and Inspection/Rebuild

The typical scope of rebuild work by Machine Concepts includes, but not limited to the following:

  • Leveler module cassette is disassembled, cleaned and critical dimensional references (diameters, roll locations, shaft dimensions, hardness, etc.) are documented and recorded. The cassette parts are labeled and laid out in an orderly fashion to assist in quick retrieval. Unit bases will be clamped down and checked for flatness at all bearing pedestal locations and recorded. Customer supplied drawings will be used for reference in the rebuilds.

All rolls will be re-used if the following conditions are met:

  • Roll surface finish is acceptable
  • Hardness is within original specification
  • Roll diameters are acceptable for the whole set

All roll diameters are recorded and documented. Any roll with low hardness will be replaced. After a review of all diameters, a decision will be made on the allowed diameter to cut off. All rolls will use no more than .020” under nominal as the guideline for replacement. This will be confirmed with the customer. After all roll diameter dimensions are known, a final determination will be made as to how many rolls will be replaced. All roller bearings are to be replaced throughout the cassette.

Tension leveler cassette modules prior to disassembly and cleaning:

Tension Leveler Rebuild 1
Tension Leveler Rebuild 2

Tension leveler cassette modules that have been reconditioned:

Tension Leveler Module ReConditioned
Tension Leveler Module ReConditioned