Machine Concepts’ Heavy Duty Decoilers incorporate a robust design to handle coil loads up to 55,000 pounds per mandrel and coil widths up to 50 inches. These decoilers are typically paired with a Machine Concepts G2 or H2 Precision Straightener.

Due to the heavy coil loads on this series of decoilers, the standard features include hydraulic expansion and hydraulic powered mandrel rotation. The hydraulic expansion is accomplished through the use of wedges. The wedge design allows for maximum stability and strength when expanding on the heaviest of coils. With light and medium duty decoilers, the material can be threaded into the straightener by manually rotating the decoiler mandrel to payoff material. With heavy coil loads, Machine Concepts incorporates a hydraulic motor to payoff material and assist in threading a strip into the straightener.

heavy series decoilers specifications

Standard Features

  • Standard Sizes for 15,000-55,000 lb Coils
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Wedge Style Expansion
  • Hydraulic Jog Motor Mandrel Rotation for Threading – uses a hydraulic motor to jog the coil only. This motor does not payoff the coil at line speed.
  • Pneumatic Drag Brake – internally mounted
  • Hydraulic Turret Rotation (Dual Mandrel Only) – uses a hydraulic motor to rotate mandrel heads
  • Hydraulic Shot Pin (Dual Mandrel Only) – controlled using an electric solenoid
  • Fixed Lower Base (No Side Shift)
  • Manual Clamp Individual Coil Keepers – keeper on each segment. Requires an operator to attach and clamp keepers after a coil is loaded.

Optional Features

  • Lower Base Traverse – manual adjustment, hydraulic adjustment (self-centering), or electric motor driven ball screw adjustment
  • Single Powered Keeper Arm – the powered keeper arm feature automatically adjusts to different coil widths. The single powered keeper arm uses fixed rear keepers with single adjustable outer keeper. The single arm is typically used with the hydraulic self-centering side shift feature to allow the rear keepers to remain fixed.
  • Dual Powered Keeper Arms – allows a decoiler to have a fixed base because both the rear and front keepers automatically adjust to coil width
  • Hold Down Arm – single hold down arm mounted off of the straightener or directly to the decoiler. This feature prevents coil clock-spring during coil band cutting and threading the material into the straightener. The hold down arm wheel is driven by a hydraulic motor to push the material off the coil during threading.
  • Mandrel Rotation Style – electric motor powered payoff
  • Coil Guard – guard mounted directly to mandrel head to contain coil clock-spring so strip does not hit personnel on back side
  • Coil Backstop Guard – guard mounted off of the decoiler (to the floor or common mounting base) to contain coil clock-spring so strip does not hit personnel on back side
  • Coil Reband Arms – incorporates a free standing base with two hold down arms mounted to the floor on the back side of the decoiler. The two hold down arms (one from the top and one from the bottom) will pivot simultaneously to clamp the coil. These arms will have two rollers per arm with a gap between them for room to route a strap for coil rebanding. Another purpose of these arms is to provide extra support to prevent coil clock-spring. This feature is typically used for lines running thick gauge material. When the mandrel jog function is engaged, the driven hold down arms will push the strip of material in the direction of mandrel rotation to help thread the material into the straightener.