Automatic Press Load/Unload/Stacking System

Automatic Press Load Unload

Custom designed and built for each application, automatic load/unload systems increase pressroom production while at the same time creating an efficient, operator safe work place. Automatic load/unload systems is the first step in a complete work cell that starts with raw materials at the input and finishes with a completed, ready-to-ship part at the output. The ability to custom design pre and post press machines and then integrate with automatic load/unload systems make it a great fit for pressroom automation applications.


  • Servo controlled Load/Unload Systems for re-strike and forming processes
  • Automatic part separation and de-stacking systems
  • Index style operator load systems for continuous press operation
  • Press exit side part stacking systems
  • Robotic systems for press load/unload and stacking
  • Robotic part palletizing