Decoiler Loop Guide System

By February 13, 2020Looping Systems


Decoiler Loop Guide System


The Decoiler Loop Guide System is designed to control the shape of the material while threading a new strip into the straightener and provides additional loop stability while the coil line is in operation. In addition, the Decoiler Loop Guide System prevents the material from dragging on the floor or common mounting base. This option is typically only used on decoilers with the electric motor powered payoff feature.

Coil lines that incorporate decoilers with electric motor powered payoff maintain a loop of material between the decoiler and straightener to prevent tension on the strip due to the straightener pulling material off of the coil. Two laser sensors are added with this option. One sensor is mounted below the Decoiler Loop Guide System to measure the depth of the loop. The other sensor is mounted on the straightener to measure the outside diameter of the coil so the electric motor with a variable frequency drive on the decoiler can match the feed speed of the straightener and maintain a consistent loop depth.