Precision Straightener G2 Series

The G2, G2 Plus & G2L family of straighteners have been designed for lighter gauges (.005” to .100”) and normally higher speed applications (100 to 400 FPM). Features include easy, quick removal of roll cassettes and interchangeable roll cassettes with different roll diameters within the same base frame.

The G2 Plus series extends the capacity of the G2 straightener.

The G2L series machines are built with basic leveler cassette into the frame that is nearly the same as a precision straightener. The L series straighteners have all the same features as our standard precision straighteners in addition to incorporating manual roll bending.

Standard straighteners remove basic shape defects in a coil strip (such as coil set and cross bow) and can reduce the amount of edge wave and center buckle to some extent. However, for more severe coil defects and critical flatness applications, roll bending machines remove much more edge wave and center buckle than a standard straightener.

Applications: Electrical lamination material, high strength thin gauge stainless steels, laminated materials.

g2 specifications chart

Optional Features – Common to Series G2, G2 Plus, G2L, H2 & H2L Precision Straighteners

  • Speed Control Package – provides stable, accurate loop control when straightener is feeding material into a loop
  • Motorized Entry & Exit Adjustment – incorporates push button control of entry and exit roll position
  • High Speed Option – provides an increase in speed to 4000 inches/minute, without loss of machine performance or capability
  • Entry Edge Guide – provides material guidance on the entry side of the straightener
  • Powered Pinch Roll – aids in threading of material into the straightener and extends the life of the work rolls
  • Powered Pull Roll – polycoated roll with an independent motor located at the exit end of the straightener that adds tension to the strip to obtain more material in yield
  • Chrome Work Rolls
  • Hold Down Arm & Peeler Table – hydraulically actuated arm and table that aids in threading material from a coil into the straightener in a safe and efficient manner
  • End of Strip Sensor
  • Bolster Extension Kart with Arms – aids in the installation and removal of the cassette
  • Single Arm Decoiler Controls – integrates Forward/Reverse, Mandrel Expand/Collapse, Hydraulic Pump Start/Stop controls on the main operator panel
  • Double Arm Decoiler Controls
  • Coil Car Controls
  • Additional Auxiliary Decoiler Station Controls – integrated into a remote pedestal to assist in unloading a coil from the backside of the decoiler
  • Automatic Tension Control – integrates controls to automatically adjust the pressure of the decoiler brake based on the diameter of the coil to maintain constant strip tension
  • Press Interface Quick Disconnects
  • Decoiler Interface Quick Disconnects
  • Common Mounting Base – for assembling and mounting s-loop, straightener & decoiler